Watermelon Field-Sangria: Fossil Hunting in Hungary

Paleontologist Darcy Shapiro takes us fossil hunting in Rudabánya, northeastern Hungary, and shares her recipe for a crisp, refreshing field-sangria. 

Meditating with a Dinosaur

On life and death: Amy McDermott leads morning meditation with Sue the T.rex, at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. 

The Provisions of Landscape

Landscape-architect-in-training Sophie Krause shows us landscapes as a lens to view the world, and shares 5 ways you can treat your surroundings more responsibly.

Letting Nature Speak Up

Along a protected stretch of the California coastline, Holly McKelvey teaches visitors to love their local environment by building a relationship with the landscape. Welcome to the personal side of environmental education.

Not Quite Wild: The Animals We've Met Along the Way

Cats at the research station, dogs on the farm– these are the domestic animals we've met in  the field.  

Space-Time Traveling in Patagonia

Karel Mundnich take us into the future, and into the past, on a journey to the heart of Chilean Patagonia.