Invasives on the Menu

Lionfish are an ecological disaster when introduced beyond their native range. But in the Caribbean, restaurants are fighting back in a new and tasty way.  

Anthocyanin: sunblock...for autumn leaves.

Ever wonder why fall heralds the stunning golds and reds of changing foliage? We get inside leaves, and to the heart of the matter.

Getting Out There

The foggy mountains of central California remind us that we're all scientists at heart.

The Sunflower Wars

Sunflowers are a timeless sign of late summer, bringing a breath of countryside calm to windowsills in even the most bustling metropolis. But how were these sunburst-orange beauties domesticated? We trace the controversial story of sunflowers from wild to cultivar.

Why Does Flu Have a Season?

Flu is an unsavory hallmark of the colder months. Influenza season begins in autumn and peaks in winter. But why does flu have a season at all?

Autumn Anaerobes

How fermentation preserves the spoils of the harvest, and how you can make sauerkraut at home.