Interested in submitting? Hawkmoth covers up-to-date and seasonally relevant science, and asks how our research and our experience as scientists shapes the way we view the world. Tell us something seasonal, something cool, and something personal to you.

What can I submit?

Consider our two sections: SCIENCE and SCIENTIST. 

To submit to SCIENCE, give us a glimpse into some up-to-date, cool, and seasonally relevant science. This can be something you've read about, research you are currently doing or have done, a deeper view of a topic in the news, or a simple exploration of processes we see unfolding in the world around us. This section presents science through an objective and descriptive lens.

To submit to SCIENTIST, describe your personal experience with science, or profile another scientist. How does this provide a lens through which you see the world? What role does science play in your life? How did you find your way to the research or scientific work you are doing now? In this section, you can be more playful: share a recipe you make when you're doing field work; share your playlist from when you're in the lab! If profiling another scientist, describe their work, give us a sense of how they sees the world and their work in a broader context.

We accept articles, essays, short stories, and poetry that fit into the above categories. Photo essays and illustrations are also very welcome.

How do I submit?

Email your piece to us directly at We welcome submissions of varying length, though perhaps the following guidelines are useful:

  • For articles, essays, short stories, profiles, etc., up to 2000 words;
  • For poetry, up to 3 pages;
  • For photo essays, up to 20 images, and a short text of up to 300 words;
  • For illustrations, up to 8 images, and a short text of up to 300 words.

Attach your piece as a PDF or Microsoft Word .DOC/.DOCX file, with your full name and the date both as the file name and in the email title.

Legal Aspects, Author's Rights, etc @Amy I think you'll know more on this topic than I do!


If you are interested in submitting, but are not sure about a potential topic, have a look at our theme guide for ideas, or write to us directly at to brainstorm. If you are an illustrator or photographer who would like to produce artwork to accompany an article, write to us with some examples of your artwork and we can pair you up with one of our authors to collaborate for an upcoming issue.